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Dear Readers,

For years, the combined articles of my “Ode to Ebay” series have led my statistics in overall-all requests for pages. Thank you to my new and old readers.

I’ve gotten so swamped writing and publishing my books that I can’t update the articles on line. I’m going to be using my new blog to keep things current.

On-line auctions are both efficient markets––the buyer with the greatest utility for an object (who wants it the most, given effective demand) gets it. Price is used efficiently to ration goods. Just like you studied in Econ 1A.

The other half of the equation is that they’re addictive––you can get hooked an not be able to stop bidding or buying. This can ruin your life. You can read about that on my web site.  (And thank you readers, for making my eBay Addiction article Google at #1)

I’ll be talking about both aspects of on-line auctions here, the beneficial and not so beneficial.

I’ve got to get running now. The release date of my book is next month. Yipes!

Best wishes,

Sandy Nathan

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But that doesn’t make it right––or easy! I turned on my computer this morning and found perhaps the fifth invitation to a seminar promising to teach me how to change my life through the magic of BLOGGING . . .

The advertisement assured me that BLOGGING was the KEY! To what? To untapping the unknown financial potential of my web site/blog site (frankly, I’m not sure of the difference) and fulfilling my dreams, or the portion of them that can be fulfilled by STUFF.

I’m getting sick of this technological revolution, which requires prefectly respectable grandmothers, who would have been dead by now in earlier evolutionary times, to learn complicated tasks involving electronics and bizarre collections of initials, such as CSS, FTP, & HTML.

I did sign up for the BLOGGING teleseminar. Quickly, too. I wanted the free CDs that the first 100 people to sign up got. Is hope the opiate of the masses? Or just me?

I think all this is hooey, personally. But why did I sign up?

Well, I looked at my web site stats and realized I needed to find a faster way to communicate with people already reading my stuff. Like the people reading the Writers’ Corner in Spurs Magazine. They’ve languished for years on promises that, “As soon as I finish the ten millionth bit of work on my book, I’ll tell you about publishing . . .”

Of course, the ten millionth and one bit follows that, so my loyal fans are stuck with rehashing pychopathology and the arts, the theme of the existing Writers’ Corner. With a blog, I can pop a line to you from time to time. “Publishing is rough, but it beats being tortured. Most of the time.”

I can also use a blog to say a little something to the readers of my other articles. First off, the Little India article’s fans. Thank you so much, readers! You’ve been the number one group Spurs Magazine has served for years and years. Just thinking of you makes me want to dash to Little India on Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia CA and have a cup of chai. Maybe more. My shopping chakras become awakened by the thought of Little India.

And the rest of you! Hello! Hello! I’m talking about the people read about Bill Miller and the Gathering. Robert Mirabal. And, hey! All you guys reading an Ode to eBay and snagging the goodies. Or fighting your addiction to the on-line auction obsession. Thanks for reading, and writing. I appreciate that. And look at our Sale Page on the RanchoVilasa.com site––yes, we still have the delectable Xocolatl BSN at this writing. My husband gaits up and down the road bareback on the little darling. What a lovely mare!
So––this morning, all by my very little (or, okay, not so little) self, I installed this blog engine on my site. Will it revolutionize my life? Bring fame and riches? Sell my book?

I think there’s more to it than that, somehow. There always is. Things you should do that no one told you. Maybe getting links––link away, folks! Come back and read tomorrow. Whenever. I’ll probably have taken another whack at self expression.
This is where you’ll find me UNCHAINED! I don’t know how you do this blog thing. But let’s do it, yes? Let’s all move ahead in whatever direction we’re supposed to be moving in our lives.

What will happen when I post my first bloggy message? Will the world turn? Stop turning? Will anyone even find it by the next time I write? Will I figure out how to install a better looking blog page than this boring one that came with the deal? Will it make a difference? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, my very best to you, my readers and new readers.


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