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THE GATHERING: 2006, September 23 & 24th. Bill Miller is the retreat’s Spiritual Leader

Okay. As the extremely slow webmaster for the Gathering’s web site, I wanted you to know that the Gathering is on this year. YES! That’s cause for celebration! It will be held at Coker Creek Village in Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest, just like always. Bill Miller, the wonderful, Grammy-winning, Mohican/German musician, artist, and speaker, will be our spiritual leader again, speaking and giving a concert. More wonderful and talented people will assist him in putting on the Gathering.

The ingredients are the same as past Gatherings, but I know that what will happen will surpass all expectations. So far, I’ve flown out from California three times to attend the Gathering. I’ve even written a book featuring the retreat. It’s worth it––the Gathering gets better every year.

I’ve been so slow (calling myself a webmaster is not quite true. I’m more of a web-advanced beginner) this year because of the release of Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice next MONTH! This book has lots of information about the Gathering and its people. Pictures, even.
I promise you, I’m preparing a great report on the 2005 Gathering, with new pictures and Mona Juckett’s new logo featured on the 2005-6 pages. Registration information is in there, too. I’ll get it out ASAP but wanted you to know that Gathering: 2006 is ON!

Thanks for your patience. 

Sandy Nathan

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